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Our Story

Fresh Bamboo Shoots are a healthy and nutritious superfood with antioxidants. We represent over 90 farms in Florida and are the only commercial source of Fresh Bamboo Shoots in the country. Our bamboo shoots are fresh, local, nutritious, and abundant!

The Product

The challenge for any fresh produce is in delivering a truly fresh product. So, we hired the University of Florida to help us maximize our shelf life, which is currently 3 weeks. The freshness of the shoots is evident in their vibrant colors which speak volumes to customers. This is why customers buy the shoots—they can see for themselves that the shoots are fresh, local, and safe.
Fresh Bamboo Shoots are harvested weekly from June through October.

Margin & Turnover

While bamboo shoots are not new to the Asian American consumer, Fresh Bamboo Shoots are. This gives you the opportunity to market a unique, fresh, healthy, and local product which sells itself. This will translate into profits and quick turnover. With retail pricing ranging from $5.99 – $6.99 per pound the margins run close to 100%. The product is sold within a week of arrival.

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